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6 Things You Should Look for in a Mentor

6 Things You Should Look for in a Mentor

Hello everyone! Today’s post came from a very dear place in my heart, because today is the one year anniversary since Tricia and I know each other! On June 4th 2017, I met Tricia from @happilyeverstyle at Happy Bone cafe in Soho. That time, hardly did I know that this casual meet up will have such a huge impact of my life, because ever since then, she’s become one of my closest friends, my mentor - I called her “Jie”, an endearing term in Mandarin meaning “sister.” So today, I want to share 6 things you should look for in a mentor, and pay official tribute to my dear Jie/mentor - Tricia!


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They Inspire You 他們啟發你

I’ve always feel like the ability to inspire someone is the most precious thing about being an influencer. When any of you leaves me a message or DM me about questions on how I do something, or where I buy something, I feel like I am making a little impact on this world in my own way, and I cherish that feeling very much. Tricia inspires me in so many different ways, professionally and personally. She’s just such a warm, happy person that I have so much to look up too! Not to mention her organizing and decorating skill- my room does not look like this before I met her!



They Accept You but Knows When to Push You 他們接受你的缺點,但也挑戰你成為更好的人

We all have that person in our life, someone that just can’t accept you for who you are. And that’s okay, because not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. A true mentor and a true friend understands and accepts your flaws and shortcomings, because she/he knows that just like everybody else, you’re not perfect, but you’re working on becoming better.  They pushes you to be braver, and to step outside of your comfort zone.



They Care About You As A Human Being 他們關心你

Some people think that mentor strictly falls into a professional development setting, but I think otherwise. Mentor for me is someone that doesn’t just care about your professional development, they also care about you as a human being. So many of my sentences to Tricia start like this: “Jie- Question, ” because I literally ask her opinions about everything! Careers, boys, what to wear tomorrow, which photo should I choose for Instagram, even what do I want to be when I grow up. Mentors know and care about you, and they will always look out for you.  



They Want To See You Succeed (And Won’t Get Jealous About It) 他們想要你成功(而且不會嫉妒你的成就)

This I believe is a hard one. I’ve heard so many stories about how some mentorships/friendships fell apart because one side of the party couldn’t handle the success of another one. Mentor is someone that always wants to see you succeed, and they are confident and self-assured in themselves’ own achievement that they will not get jealous towards you- they are happy for you.  



They Enjoy Spending Time with You (And You Enjoy Spending Time With Them) 他們喜歡跟你相處(你也喜歡跟他們相處)

Mentoring just like friendships, it’s a two-way street. The amount of time and effort you put in them, ideally they put just as much in you. So one thing I believe that is most important thing you should look for in a mentor, is that you have to enjoy spending time with them. Tricia and I hang out so much- we don’t just go to events together, we grab coffee, we shoot photos, and we come over to each other’s place just to hangout, and we want to be there for each other through important moments of life! (Can you guys believe that she flew back from LA to NY just to attend my graduation? I KNOW RIGHT!)



They understand your industry/niche and are great sounding boards that we bounce ideas off 他們了解你的產業,討論想法的時候很容易

The world of blogging and instagramming can be lonely sometimes. Let’s be real, not many people really get why we take so much efforts in arranging our grids, editing our photos, or even location hunting for beautiful pictures. Having a mentor that understands your industry is very helpful because not only can we brainstorm creative ideas together, we can also bring those ideas into execution, and actually make it into a fun project! Like this anniversary shooting- Tricia in pastel pink(her signature color), and I in red! We’ve decided to make this into a tradition as we believe that friendsversary is just as important(if not more) as the wedding anniversary!



I can say with such great confidence that mentors were one of the biggest drivers behind my growth as a person- and life in New York without Tricia would have been so different if I haven’t met her one year ago. I am so grateful to her, so thank you, Tricia! And thank you guys for reading! Life is scary, find your mentor/Jie!


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