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Three outfit variations for your everyday black sweater

Three outfit variations for your everyday black sweater

If you always feel like you don’t have anything to wear even if you have a full closet of clothes, this post is for you! I am sharing three street style looks that can be easily copied if you have one black sweater and a pair of high waist trouser. Mine is Khaki, but honestly it can be in any color!



Urban Hippie

When you feel like your outfit is plain and uninspiring, the easiest thing you can do is throw on a pop of color. For this look, I threw on a bright yellow faux scarf. To make it look edgy and adventurous, I also paired it with a leather jacket and a gentry hat to spice up the look.


Hot Pink Sweetie

I know, I love faux. It’s just so soft and warm, they feel like my new pets! The highlight of this look is the pink faux, so I kind of let everything else fade away so it does not look too crowded. Less is more, remember?


Pastel Lady

I actually just bought this pastel hat when I was travelling in Philly because I lost my black hat! Millennial pink has been on trend for awhile now, so I thought why not try it out for a change? I love how it instantly soften my total look. Even if I was wearing a leather jacket, I still look soft and feminine.


That’s enough for today! Hope you guys enjoy this post. Thanks for reading!



Photos byTricia Chen (@happilyeverstyle)

Style, voila!

Style, voila!

A Frenchy Spring

A Frenchy Spring