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Denim Fever

Denim Fever

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this warm spring days! This month has been such a meaningful month to me, as I finally wrapped up my graduate school after two years! Two years ago, I quit my dream job, and decided to move across the country by myself and pursued a higher education. Two years later, super broke, anxious about getting back to the job market, but super excited about whatever that’s ahead of me!


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I’ve been super addicted to this pair of mom jeans for the longest time, as it has been ever-present in my feed for the past couple weeks. For this look, I styled it with a denim off-shoulder top. To spice up the whole look, I also paired it with the Crystal Chevron Bandana from Shop Small Things.


Another highlight of this look has to be this pair of shoes! Oh boy, I’ve never been stopped this often on the street before- they would literally stopped me and asked me where did I get my shoes! Sharing my secret here, it’s Nine Seven! They have wide range of shoes selection, and are available on Amazon, so check them out!

今天另外一個造型重點我想就是這雙超級無敵搶鏡的鞋子了!我不多說,我這兩年走在紐約還沒有那麼常被路人攔下問我鞋子哪裡買的過。這是我在Instagram上發現的一個新興品牌:Nine Seven! 他們家的鞋子價位算中階價位,設計感很強,推薦給大家。


What do you think about this look? Let me know your thoughts! And I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Monday night!


Top: Zara
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Nine Seven (Thank you!)

Photos byTricia Chen (@happilyeverstyle)

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