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Coffee Chat with Grisel - Digital Merchandising Manager of Ann Taylor

Coffee Chat with Grisel - Digital Merchandising Manager of Ann Taylor


Hi everyone! Since my last post about “What it’s really like to be an influencer” got great feedback, I thought I’d start a Coffee Chat series and leverage this massive #womeninpower network I have since I work in a 99% women retail company. To kick this series off, I have Grisel Famania, Merchandising Manager of Ann Taylor with me today!

The Grisel I know, is beautiful, fearless, and an absolute go-getter.  If Ann Taylor were a modern woman, I think Grisel will be the perfect ambassador! Her style is collected yet effortless. And as you can see the Ann Taylor blouse she’s wearing, she’s not afraid to play with colors!  

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Ann Taylor?

I am a digital merchandising manager- we are the so called “digital merchants”! Think about how the store merchandising team keeps the window design and store display in place, my job is to make sure all the store set launches on our e-commerce site. We also do keywords analysis on what customers are searching on our site, and potentially create a specific bucket to cater to the needs.


What does your work day look like for you?

I usually start my day with reviewing our e-commerce site performance from yesterday and then I’ll start planning my day based on relevant meetings and deadlines. We have a lot of meetings! They consist on site enhancements, A/B testing, cross-functional meetings, and team development. I also work on projects like hindsighting the quarter’s results and a lot of different initiatives- currently, I am working on site category filter optimization!


What are the key skills you think people should have for this job?

Strong work ethic is definitely something I look for when I am interviewing people. There are a lot of nitty-gritty tasks needed to be done for a successful e-commerce site- so skills like problem solving, proactivity, detail-oriented, and strong organizational skills are definitely important.

Three tips for people who want to land a job in your field

  1. Be humble: and make sure you learn the job from the ground up. It is because I once did what my assistants do now that I can resolve issues very efficiently. Ego can prevent growth so leave it at the door.

  2. Have thick skin. Due to the high visibility of what the team does and the direct impact it can have on the state of the business, different teams report issues and those issues may be the direct result from something that fell through the cracks. It is important to accept the critiques and turn it around by being more detail-oriented and organized. Like I always tell my team, the moment you stop receiving the callouts and start reporting them, is the day you have turned a corner.

  3. Be detail-oriented. Whether you are a digital merchant or a buyer, it is important to own and understand the intricacies of what you do and how you do it.


Three words to best describe your style?

  • Classic – I include some trendy pieces but not a lot because I tend to keep my clothes for a long time

  • Elegant – I like to buy pieces that may not look elegant alone but when you put them in an outfit, they really shine as an ensemble

  • Comfortable – I have a toddler so I own cozy clothes that allow me to move around and even sit on the floor.


Three brands that you're currently obsessing?

  • KonMari – because it has motivated me to get my house in order and keep my mind clear

  • H&M Home –I love the prices and options for my home

  • Orangetheory – I still have not joined but have been stalking their site for class times for two weeks now. I have to join to get my summer body together.

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