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Five Skincare Products for Congested + Dehydrated Skin

Five Skincare Products for Congested + Dehydrated Skin


Hi guys! Hope you’re staying warm in this cold NY winter day! I haven’t posted skincare post for awhile, since I was severely breaking out last November! Now my skin is finally calming down and back to normal, I want to share with you some of my favorite skincare products I’ve been obsessed with!

My skin type: Combination (Congested+dehydrated+slightly acne prone)

ASARAI: Sleepercell - Retinol Serum $45 (30ml)

Asarai Sleeper Cell Retinol Serum

I’ve been using this Retinol Serum every night for about one month- and I love it! If you don’t know why you need Retinol in your life, here’s one quote from Rachel Nazarian, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group: “Using a well-formulated and stable product with retinol will visibly reduce the appearance of sun damage, brown spots, lines, wrinkles, and large pores. Its magic is in its ability to resurface the skin’s texture for a smoother, more even-toned look." (Original article HERE) I specifically love this one as it’s not irritating and no fragrance added; I also see my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation fading. For the $45 price point, I see great results!


Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask.JPG

I have tried so many different kinds of deep cleaning clay masks- this is probably one of my favorite! I literally can’t stop singing its praise! For a starter, how convenient is this tube packaging? I always make a mass when it’s in a tub packaging (like all the other clay masks in the market), I either always lose the applicator, or the masks just end up stuck under my nails, ewww! Onto the mask itself, it is a super light pastel color from the mineral-rich pink and white clays- what I love about this product is that it does not dry my skin out! The Sugar Cane Extract it contains balances skin’s natural oils, and the Rosewater offers a moisturizing and detoxifying benefits. The super light rose scent is soooo soothing, you just feel like you’re taking a walk in the rose garden! LOVE this product, have to check it out if you haven’t already!

ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active Essence $45 (180ml)


New York’s winter can be harsh- so I’ve adapted Korean’s 10 steps skincare routine and added in essence this winter, and I see great results! If you are not familiar with essence, it’s basically a thicker form of toner or a lighter form of serum that serve as an additional layer of hydration. The one I am obsessing with now is from ATRUE- it’s formulated with black tea water and fermentation so it’s packed with antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals and prepare the skin for moisture. The scent is very light and calming; I apply serums afterwards and my skin feels visibly brighter and clearer after two weeks of usage!


You guys know that I love everything about rose! The look, the scent, the soothing and moisturizing benefits, literally everything! So when I first got my hands on the Fresh Rose Hydration Facial Toner, I was thrilled! You can see actual rose petals in it, and it smells divine! It helps to clear the surface of debris, pollution particles, and residual impurities, while leaving the skin calmed and refreshed! Side note, I also feel like Cleopatra whenever I am using it, #selfcare is the best care right?




While I was breaking out, I was desperately scouting through all the skincare products that will nourish my skin without causing breakouts. Because NY is very dry, plus the indoor heater really doesn’t help. So my skin was oily but dehydrated at the same time- the worst kind! So when I found Savor Beauty Banish Breakouts Kit, I had to give it a try.

It is a four-steps all natural skincare regimen- Cleanse, Tone and Kill Bacteria, Heal Breakouts, and Control Oil. For my sensitive and congested skin, I chose Pearl Cleansing Cream, Lavender Toning Mist, Pumpkin Serum, and Truffle Face Cream. I also added in the Carrot Rose Serum- you know how much I love anything with roses! And carrot essence has great properties that help with unclogging dead skin cells.

It’s slightly on the pricier side, a whole kit costs around $200 after discount. But it’s made in New York with certified organic ingredients, and more importantly it’s cruelty-free and ethically-made! Who won’t pay $200 for a clearer, and brighter skin right! Recommend!

Those are my favorite beauty picks of this month. I’ll see you next month! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or reach out directly! Thanks for reading!

This blog post is sponsored by Asarai, Erno Laszlo, Atrue, Fresh Beauty, and Savor Beauty ; all opinions are 100% my own.

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