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Three ways to style a tweed jacket

Three ways to style a tweed jacket

Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! As you all know, this is the year of dog, and I am feeling pretty good about it! Do you know what’s the most fortunate color in Chinese/Taiwanese culture? It’s RED! So today, I am sharing how I style a red tweed jacket for three different looks to get you through this Chinese New Year!



Wear it as a dress 當成洋裝

This is probably one of my favorite look of all. If you’re a petite like me, or your tweed jacket happens to be mid-thigh length, this is an easy styling trick. Just use two safety pin to pin up your jacket. And Voila! A cute dress is born with so much attitude!




Wear it as a top 當成上衣

Me personally is a huge supporter of wearing a blazer as a top. I just love the slight sexiness and the structure a blazer can bring to a woman’s body. Since this is an over-sized blazer, I styled it with a pair of skinny jeans, so even if it’s lose on the top, you still sharpen up your style with a good pair of skinny jeans.



Monotone it 用顏色統一造型

Although I wear most of everything in black, white, and grey, sometimes I like to go all out on a bold color. So don’t be afraid to put red on red! Nothing makes more of a fashion statement when you’re not afraid to unify your look with a bold color, and guess what, it makes you look taller too!




Brief sharing for today. So tell me, what’s your favorite CNY look?


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