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Plaid, please.

Plaid, please.

Hello everyone, happy Friday! Today, I am sharing a casual outfit that I like very much! Living in New York sometimes make you feel like you need to dress up all the time. But sometimes, if you have a stylish coat, being comfortable when dressing down is actually quite an enjoyment. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would notice that this plaid coat has been on repeat for me for so many different occasions, I LOVE it. It's on sale now, only 68 dollars, PLEASE GO GET IT before it’s gone!!!



I also want to talk about this Apolis market bag. As a proud millennial, I truly adore and support socially conscious companies (Also here).  Apolis is a certified ‘B corporation’ (There are only 2,422 B corporations in the world!), which means they take pride in their extremely high standards for social and environmental responsibility. Big plus for them!

今天還有另一主角,就是我拿在手上的Market Bag。我中文想半天不知道要如何翻譯,最相近的意思大概就是「購物袋」吧!但這個Apolis的購物袋可是大有來頭,因為Apolis是B型企業,全世界到目前為止只有2,422個!B型企業除了賺錢(誰不想呢),他們對社會關懷以及環境保護也有更嚴苛的標準,能拿到認證可是大不容易呢,是不是大加分!

When you think about giving back to society, you may think about donating 10% of your income to charities or the “one-for-one” charity business model. Apolis is doing something different: they believe that for families to break from poverty, they need to be self-sustaining local businesses. Like the famous Chinese proverb goes: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. “ That’s exactly what Apolis is trying to do- create sustainable livelihoods for their employees.



I spoked with a Apolis‘ Social Media Manager Spencer, and here I quote: “For a family of three in Bangladesh, the monthly minimum wage in the area is 6,000 taka ($90 USD). Women who make the Apolis Market Bag receive pay that is 20% higher than the minimum wage, in addition to benefits and job security. Additionally, the moms have access to the Saidpur co-op's annual profit. Last year, each mother received around 15,000 taka (over $200 USD) as their portion of profit, which they used to pay family hospital bills and rebuild their homes.” Wouldn’t you say this is something really meaningful?



Aside from all the goodness that’s on the inside, this market bag also has everything on the outside. The sturdy, low-key classy looking bag comes with customizable text- I customized mine to be “EAT, DRINK, NAP”- that described me pretty well right? I actually got stopped and asked where I got this bag from at Whole Foods multiple times! If you decide to join the socially conscious grind and get this market bag, make sure you use HILISAYS to get a free-shipping! No commission for me, simply perks for you!

這個「購物袋」可以如此深得我心,除了因為他們內在行善積德,它的外型也是十分討喜。袋子的正面可以讓你客製化的自由選字,我選了「吃、喝、睡」,不錯吧!我現在去時尚的Whole Foods買菜時都會提著它,還多次被裡面的時尚媽媽詢問我這個袋子在哪裡買的呢!如果你們心動了也想購買一咖購物袋,結帳時可以使用HILISAYS免運碼,我沒有收他們的佣金,只是單純幫你們A到一個好康而已!快買吧!


coat: Metisu (Thank you!)
top: Metisu (Thank you!)
pants: Uniqlo
market bag: Apolis (Thank you!)
flats: Sugar (Thank you!)


Photos by Sworup (@sworupranjit)

*I've received products free of charge from Metisu, Apolis and Sugar for this post; all comments and opinions are 100% my own.*


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