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Revealing Four of My Ultimate Asian Stay-young-forever Skincare Tips

Revealing Four of My Ultimate Asian Stay-young-forever Skincare Tips


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Hello everyone!

So many people had asked me about how Asian stay young forever. In my honest opinion, I would say it’s 50% genetic, and 50% effort! So today, I am going to reveal my ultimate skincare secret about how I pretend to be forever 21!


I know, we Asians sometimes act like we’re vampires and are scared to see the light of day that we use umbrella under the sun. Truth to be told, although I don’t use umbrella under the sun, I definitely use sunscreen every single day- even if it’s rainy/gloomy out. When I go to the beach or do anything outdoor, I definitely make sure I repeatedly apply sunscreen every hours! (And YES, EVERY. HOUR.)

One product I would definitely recommend is the SWEAT powder. I love this product as sometimes you don’t want to touch your face with your dirty hands if you’re already out and about, this compact brush frees your hand up and let you apply with SPF powder directly. Definitely a game changer!

Use Different Eye Cream for Day and Night

I know it sounds like a hustle to apply two different eye creams at day and at night, but the skin around our eyes actually ages faster than the rest of our face- so you definitely want to pay extra attention to this area. My go to day time eye cream is the Dior Prestige The Eye Concentrate- it comes with SPF15 which is why I love it so much! Think about it, when we avoid to apply sunscreen around the eye area as instructed, we are exposing the delicate area without the protection of SPF. Get the hint? It also smells DIVINE, and the texture is rich and creamy yet easily absorbed by the skin so it does not mess up your eye makeup.

For night time, my new found favorite is from a luxury skincare brand- Vllcode. It came with a cute leather bag- the jar itself is tiny, but definitely worth investing! Let me tell you one story to start: this cream was specifically formulated by Byrne Victor as an “Ageless Mystery” for the Queen Josephine, the wife of Napoleon! Tell me this is not cool that you get to use the same formula with Queen Josephine! I feel like a million bucks just applying this every night. The texture is creamy yet not greasy, and the airy lightweight texture sinks in to the skin super quickly. At first I thought this is such a tiny jar! But after I start using it, I realize with its silky texture, a little can actually go a long way! Definitely recommend this to everyone that’s looking for a hero eye cream!

There’s a mask for everything

Asians love to mask, all kinds of masks. When we feel like air is dirty outside(which in NY is everyday), we use detoxifying masks. When feeling congested, we gear towards to mud masks. While breaking out, anti-inflammatory masks. Skin looking dull? Moisturizing jelly masks. Ready for some deep nourishing makeover? Sheet masks! Here’re are all my favorite masks sharing with you all at once! Feel free to ask me if there’s any questions!

Heater is really bad for your skin

I know it sounds crazy, but central heating is actually really bad for your skin! They suck all of the moisture from the air and leave your skin dry and chapped, sounds familiar? To counter the lack of humidity, I recommend investing in a humidifier. Not just at home, at your office too. We do spend way too much time in the office, #amIright?

Another simple yet effective tip I will give is that make sure you turn your heater off at night when sleeping. Nothing damage your skin more than sleep through the night with the heater on. Also, put a glass of water right next to your bedside table. If the air is more humid, less moisture will be lost from your previous skin.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy my Asian skincare secrets. And feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!

This blog post is sponsored by Vllcode ; all opinions are 100% my own.

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