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Guest Blogger Series - 4 ways to style your man's shirt

Guest Blogger Series - 4 ways to style your man's shirt

Hi everyone!

I’ve been so excited about this blog post for the longest time because I finally invited my dearest dearie Tricia (@happilyeverstyle) to be my FIRST EVER guest blogger! Tricia and I have so much in common, for starters, we share the same last name, Chen, and hence the hashtag #chenster! Secondly, both of our boo work in consulting! What are the chances?


Today, we each picked out a similar pink shirt from our boo’s closets, and put together 4 looks for you. I will share two here, and Tricia will be sharing the other two on her blog! And what does that mean? If you can get your hands on your man’s shirt, you literally have 4 fun looks to rock throughout this transitional season. Don’t we all love that?




Hi, everyone! I’m so honored to be the #guestblogger on Lisa’s blog today. This sounded like such a fun project when the idea came up, and I had a great time working with Lisa!So for this look, I wore a grey cropped top under the shirt and tied the shirt to shortened it. The aim was to elongate the legs. A statement necklace was added for a pop of bling! On the bottom, I paired it with black leggings and black tie-up block heels; the heels give the outfit the feminine element I wanted to attain. Another thing I decided to do was to wear a burgundy floppy hat, to add a touch of autumn to the entire outfit!




One thing I really love about fashion, is that as long as you wear something with confidence, nobody can say anything about it! So today, I am styling the man’s shirt in a least conventional way. Is it a top? Kind of. Is it a dress? You can say so. Is it a vest?  Why not.  What makes this look fun is that I paired this Sherlock Holmes’s inspired look with a silver pencil skirt and a gentry hat. The tip of not looking bulky in a man’s shirt, is to create enough see through when styling, that’s why I had only two buttons buttoned and leaving the rest of them open. And never forget the petite 101 rule- Elevate the waist line with a belt!   

關於時尚,我最喜歡的一件事,就是不管你穿什麼,自信都是最好的妝點。大家看得出來我這男子襯衫到底是什麼穿法嗎?有點像上衣,又有點像裙子,又有點像披風?為了讓男子的襯衫不至於太過寬鬆而顯胖,適量的透膚感是必要的,所以我釦子只扣了兩顆,不是因為我愛露喔!最後別忘了,矮子瞬高的秘密單品- 皮帶!!!

I hope you guys like the two styles Tricia and I put together here today, and make sure you check out two other looks on Tricia’s Blog!  How do you guys like this series? Leave a comment and let me know! See you guys next time!









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