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Back to School

Back to School

Hi guys! Today I am sharing one minimalist everyday outfit, and how you can spice it up with just a little bit of accessories. I remembered when I first started this blog, I prided myself for always wearing minimalistic outfits, as in mostly black and white. Truth be told, I was a little distracted by those mesmerizing floral prints this past summer, but I mean, how can you not? But now with fall approaching, I am feeling the itch of settling back into monochrome.



Today I am wearing a minimalistic white t-shirt, and I tucked it into the high-weighted skinny jeans. Simple right? But I never feel this comfortable and at ease. If you want to make the look more fun, silk scarf is always a good idea! Mine is from Les Belles Heures, it has been on repeat for so many looks (here & here), I literally can’t get enough of it!

今天的穿搭十分極簡。一件硬版的白色T-shirt和一條高腰的煙管褲,詮釋我喜歡的秋日單色簡潔。如果你想要讓造型更加搶眼,絲巾永遠是一個不二選擇。我這條絲巾是Les Belles Heures的,大概穿搭過三百次的(這裡這裡),百搭不膩。

IMG_4686 2.JPG

You can also tie it around your neck, really up to how you're feeling that day! Which look do you like better? With scarf or without? Leave a comment and let me know!



sun glasses: ZeroUV (Thank you!)
shirt: ASOS
scarf: Les Belles Heures (Thank you!)
bag: Vintage
flats: Kenzo 


Photos by Sworup (@sworupranjit)

*This post is sponsored by Les Belles Heures and ZeroUV*

Plaid, please.

Plaid, please.

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